Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got the looks, you got the brains...let's make lots of money

"Rachel's happy tipsy face"

So last night was tons of fun. I ended up getting there early since I gave myself plenty of time for traffic and yet for the first time, in the history of LA, there was none.

Being that I had over an hour to kill I headed to this posh bar on Hollywood and Vine. It is the type of bar that is overly crowded at 5:00 already because all the suits go there after work.

I went in to get a beer and enjoy myself and actually made a couple new friends. Very cool guys, and I will be seeing them again real soon. The cool part is my new friend owns a certain LA venue and now I got me some free concerts WOO HOOO!!!

Gomez, as always, were orgasm and euphoria inducing. We ran into my friend Steve at the show as well so that was cool. Being that at this point I was three beers down the line (OK people you see how small I am that is a lot for me!) I was all jumping and touchy feely. The show was so awesome. I seriously could see Gomez five nights a week and be happy.

Tomorrow is the Eels after my last finals and they are doing an electric show rather than strings so that should be different and nifty.

Here is the cool thing about seeing concerts with my brother.

First off you have to picture two people on completely opposite ends of the spectrum as far as personalities go. My brother and I are so different sometimes I wonder if my mother was not getting any action from some nutty dude on the side. We never see eye to eye. We look very different. We act different. I am extroverted he is not. He has the brains, I am street smart but nowhere near the genius of him. BUT there is one thing that causes us to get along and that is music. We have always bonded through music and that is when we get along so that is why I love going to concerts with him. He is a total nerd and a geek to boot but he becomes a different person when around music. I love it.

P.S – I was tipsy in these pictures, and when I get tipsy... I kiss…so forgive the lack of normalcy.

"see told ya so"


rabbitfish said...

great pics of you, Rachel! Kissing, or not kissing, you're adorable!

Rachel Heather said...

*kisses* to you Rabbit!!

and you are pretty damn adorable too :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoyed Gomez, they are such a good band live.

And you in that hat is fucking wonderful.

Your brother's wife is such a cutie too, be glad you girls get along. It is a blessing.

You give me heart attacks Rach

Daniel said...

All about that Mod burberry hat, you me and a scotter kid