Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Does Being Bad…Make You Good??

I always find it easier with people to list my bad qualities before they get to know me. I should do this more often. I usually say this with a smile so they end up getting to know me anyway but then when I exhibit any of these bad qualities people seem shocked.

But see, then I can say, “Well I warned you…now give me a hug.”

Some might wonder, well what are my “bad” qualities?

I give the stink eye if I don’t get something I want, I can be spoiled and demand attention usually at really inopportune moments, “Your in the middle of peeing, who cares I have got to tell you something!” “I don’t care if you just had sex this is important!!!”
I am possessive of my books and my DVDs but tend to neglect my DVDs ever so slightly. I leave the sticky things on them as well because when I buy a dvd I get anxious to watch it so I rip the damn thing out of there without taking off all the packaging and then forget to take it off later and I am stuck with a bunch of DVD covers with stickers on them. I totally hog the bed even though I am 4’11” and sub 100 pounds. I always find a way to take it over and I use way too many cell phone minutes.
I do this thing where if there is a mirror and I turn away from it I have to turn around just for a split second to take a look at my ass..just to make it sure it is still there. This gets quite embarrassing in the mirror section of Ikea. I ask way too many questions to complete strangers to the point of interrogation. I try on multiple outfits before I go out at night but then forget to hang any of the clothes up. I sometimes forget to drop off my dry cleaning while I am picking up a batch therefore causing an unnecessary extra trip. I don’t make my bed unless someone is coming over and there are books and clothes lying around and yet I have to clean my shower and bathroom every day. I can be quite needy except when I want to be alone. I sing horribly loud in public places and hover between extremely confident and slightly insecure depending on the hour. I am way too intense and cry at most TV shows. I become an emotional mess once a month and around this time I turn into a whiney child, and quite bitchy too. I use my sidekick to IM about 10 people at the same time during class. Then I come home, study, watch TV, eat, an IM 10 people while talking on the phone and applying lotion all at the same time. I blow a kiss at the mirror after putting on lip-gloss and do this weird wiggle move while putting on my jeans. I forget to lock the door sometimes and tend to hover between lanes while driving. I take things personally and talk about TV characters like they were real people:

“So who do you think she should pick, vet or McDreamy”?
“I like the vet he is such a good guy. McDreamy never said he was married!!”
“Yeah but McDreamy really loves her. Love conquers all.”
"But the Vet made future PLANS"
"But McDreamy loves her so much that she pisses him off all the time.
Now thats love."

I smile and give this coy little look when I want something and flirt with strangers just because I like to. I hand wash my underwear but forget to do it so have to go without panties for a day, only I don’t tell anyone..or I just wear swimsuit bottoms..unless it is with tight pants, then I have to go without. I can be quite messy, cocky, and sometimes I indulge in handbags and then have to not eat out for an entire month. I get in yelling fights with my mother and then ignore her for the rest of the day until the end when we make up. I talk too much, divulge details to strangers and leave leftovers in the fridge long after I shouldn’t. When I am at the gym I grab my chest, ignoring the fact that I am in front of people because my boobies feel different in a sports bra. I talk to my dogs as if they understand everything I say. I will ask someone the same question ten times until I get the answer I want to hear. I talk things to death.
I think I know more than I really know about anything. I judge people based on what music they listen to. I try to learn everything there is to know about something I want to know about but could not be bothered with things I don’t care to know about. I can be stubborn and frisky and mostly I am both at the same time at a given moment. I am an attention whore. I leave doors open, cupboards, drawers open and a few times I have left the fridge open. I tend to picture people naked just because it is fun and at any given moment I am probably thinking about getting naked too. Hell I am probably thinking it right now. I always buy a day planner but have never actually used one and get obsessive compulsive when I cook.

I will let that sink in….

So..time to share… tell me what makes you so bad that you are good


Anonymous said...

You also don't know the meaning of, "I have to go I can't talk right now."


I'll put up with it though cause you are too cute.

my bad things? - I'll get back to ya on that.

Dustin said...

you made the bed when I came over
that makes me happy!


jorgaholic said...

WOW!!! My god you are an over talker!!!!! No p's are always a good thing even when you have them all washed! And by the way, your BAD qualities definately make you GOOD!

Rachel Heather said...

Dustin - anything for you :)

Jorgy - Yes I am an over talker...but I get away with it ;)

and today is a no P's day...d'oh

shpprgrl said...

I have sooo many bad things that this little box wouldn't hold them all. I hog CDs and won't share with my spouse, I hide a package of Reese's peanut butter eggs at Easter...and I dont' share, I am ugly to telemarketers, very impatient with ignorant retail people and I correct kids I don't know if they irritate me in public. WHEW! (yep, there's more!)