Friday, May 12, 2006

Best Quotes EVER - Volume Two - plus some other randomness from a a grl stuck at home

So I have been writing a bunch since I have been so sick…there is only so much movies and internet shopping one can do people! Angels game tonight. I got my whole outfit ready and my date is driving so it is beer time!! Hey if you can’t get rid of a cold at least you can drown it in beer right?

I know with every period of being very uncomfortable comes a period of complete bliss. I also know without discomfort no one can truly grow. No one tones their body without the pain of muscle soreness. No one tones their souls without uncomfortable introspection. But I see what lies past the discomfort, and what is there is more amazing than anything I could have ever imagined my life to be. It is place where everything I thought was impossible to attain, every goal I thought was out of reach, every want I thought I couldn’t have, and every dream I thought wasn’t real ..exists. So bring on the discomfort, because if that is what I get in the end…then who the hell cares about discomfort right now.

OK without anything further here are my Best Quotes EVER – Volume Two.

Normal everyday people sometimes say the best stuff. Whenever someone tells me something I like I usually write it down. So some of you probably said something great and you don’t even know it yet. Some were said to me, some were overheard, all made me smile or laugh or think…mostly all of the above. I can remember quotes that people have said to me from years ago..remember watch what you say to me, I have a good memory ☺

I am keeping these quotes anonymous..but most of you probably remember anyway, if you are the one that said it I mean.

“You can’t spend any amount of time trying to figure out why sewage doesn’t smell like roses”

“You know, you have some flecks of gold in your eyes.”

“Life is meaningless except for the meaning you assign to it, so you might as well assign something good.”

“God gave you a gift. So he is probably going to be pissed off if you don’t use it.”

“I have no time for self destructive people/” - written on a big board at WBR

“Honey, if a man does not make your blood boil and your stomach flip flop when he touches you then what’s the point”? – from an 80 year old

“Who gives a flying rats ass what anyone thinks about me” - there is such a thing as a flying rats ass?

“That’s the cure for everything. Sweat and the Sea”
“What about Sex”?
“I think that falls into the sweat category. You know, unless its boring n stuff”

“You get evidence before proof”

“Well since we are going to have sex now I guess we can talk about this kind of stuff.”

“Decide who you want to be and what you want to do and then never let a day go by where you give up on that. Never settle for what is comfortable. Be willing to get uncomfortable and when you are, you know you are on the right track.”
“Right track to what”?
“Miracles. Being self-actualized. The usual”

“Never settle for anything less than amazing.”

“Don’t fall in love with me or anything ok”?

“You look kinda scary”
“Cute scary”?
“No just scary”

“I don’t mind following the rules as long as they are inconsequential to me.” - Amy is making me giver her credit for this because she says it is fabulous.


rabbitfish said...

Hey, now - I work for a company that makes elephants fly - so why not a rat's ass?

Rachel Heather said...

you got me there Rabbit.

I guess rats asses must exist

Amy said...

it is a fabulous quote.

so is "I am not a quote farm!"


Amy said...

Rachel: "Men like their pants pulled down. It's like their shopping."