Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Head is Bloody..I Need a Nap..and Apparently I am Addicting.

So you know how yesterday when I said one of the bad things I do is leave cupboards open?

Case in point.

I was putting some letterhead away in the bottom cupboard at work, jumped up to stand up and SMACK! The corner of the top cupboard door, which was left open, ingrained itself into my skull. I kid you not, I took a chunk off of the wood of the cupboard. So I started gushing blood, I now have a hole in my head, and had to go to urgent care. My head is throbbing so bad that it hurts to move my eyes.


It is almost funny..because seriously who the hell else does this?

My boss looked at me and said, “Rachel I think this is some kind of sign.”

“Like what sign”?

“Rachel, you are in school full time, you work here 30 hours a week, you have finals and a half marathon coming up, you had to move twice in the past few months, you just changed your major and are moving to New York next year…don’t you think this is a sign of someone trying to tell you that you need a break.”

“But I am taking a break. I am taking a road trip, most of it by myself. I am doing completely 100% selfish things for me right now. I am taking alone time. I’m doing spa days and focusing on me completely. I am thinking about no one but me. I am going to go to Aruba. I am forcing myself to write for an hour a day and enjoying my single life while I can. I am running five miles a day and thats alone time. Does that count”?

“That still sounds kind of busy. Have you ever not done anything? You are probably the most extroverted person I know so this might be really hard for you but why don’t you take a day and just not do anything?”

Oh I tried that once. I tried to sit alone for a whole day without my phone on, my computer on, my TV on and any people around me. I eventually caved and went for a run and then spent three hours making music mixes and then another hour talking on the phone and then met up with a friend.

Maybe I am just that girl, always have to be doing something or talking something or running or moving. God knows I love to talk…and move. I can be alone, but even when I am alone I need noise so I will put music on and dance, or the tv on or write non stop.

Can any of us ever sit and do nothing?

But then again I have a bandage on my head and it soooo does not go with my outfit. I have a bump too; a big nasty one and my head is a throbbing mess. I guess sometimes our bodies really do try to tell us to slow down for a minute.

So..maybe it is a sign

Maybe I just need a nap. Or maybe I just need to shut the fuck up. LOL

In other news…

I have to say if I meet one more guy who says anything along the lines of “Ya know I think I am going to marry you someday” I just might scream. Especially since this is always said within a month of meeting me. And NO I don’t take this as a compliment or anything. I take it as I am being put on a pedestal and I just have to say I am not perfect. Stop saying that. You will get to know me and see that I am just a normal girl, nothing about me will save your soul and you won’t miss me when I am gone. I promise you won’t miss me when I am gone. I am just a normal girl. I am just a Rachel. I am not a savior or a muse. I am just normal ole Rachel and when someone tells me it is impossible not to love me or impossible to live without me...I really don't believe it. I am easily forgotten.

Sorry rant moment…

Temptation is tempting. Tempting…very very tempting. Especially if it in the package of some hotness.

My sister-in-law is, one day, going to have her own TV show that sort of is along the same style as South Park. Plus something about a dog named Homer.

My beliefs and morals do not match my animal desires and this irritates me. But hey we can’t behave all the time right? What do we follow? Our desires even if we don’t believe they are right? Thoughts on this?

I have the Angel’s Baseball Foundation Race this Saturday. This is cool because the race is at the stadium and I have a cute running outfit for it in case there are some hot baseball players there. A girl can never be too prepared right?

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Anonymous said...

First off I am sorry about your head. Maybe if you would let someone in they could help you out once in a while. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you are extraordinary and guys really do mean that? Did you ever think that maybe it IS impossible not to love you? Ever think that you will never be forgotten? It is only the immature losers who let go of you. Can’t say I feel bad for you though because if they didn’t let you go then this anonymous commenter would never have a chance to sweep you off your feet. There are a few handsome (I believe you call it hottie) great men out there who will be strong enough to hold on to you and love you forever if you let one of them. It is just something to think about. And when you are done with your single selfish phase, one of these guys will prove you wrong.

Now my rants over.