Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekly Best Quotes EVER

Watch what you say to me people...I have a good memory.

“If someone loves you, nothing can keep them away. If they don’t, nothing can make them stay”

“I have a secret desire to see you naked.”
“Guess now it’s not a secret.”

“I don’t believe in psychics”
“I know”
“How did you know”?
“Because I am psychic.”

“You seriously drive me crazy. But I kinda like it, except when it pisses me off”

“You have fabulous boobs”!
“Thanks, you have a fabulous ass!”
“I know”

“I read what you wrote in your blog about your ideal man”
“Yeah it sounds pretty damn easy if the guy really loves you.”
“Even putting up with me”
“Leaving cupboards open might have to be fixed. Well if it were to be me.”
(Said as I have a hole in my head)

“Grey’s Anatomy. The OC. I seriously can’t take these season finales anymore! I am depressed!”

Man sitting at bar to his friend, “Is she chartered or unchartered”?
“Not sure but I know she is a spinner” (bonus points if someone can tell me what chartered vs uncharted is as well as a “spinner” cause hell if I know)

“When I move to New York we will never see each other again.!”
“Yes because planes don’t exist or anything.”

“Use your head”!
“Apparently I am not so good at that.”

“Are you my friend”?
“Do you like me”?
“Are you sure”?

“Whenever you feel scared just think of what it will be like to walk through Strawberry Fields in Central Park every single day with someone you love. Then you won't be scared anymore”

"Why are you crying? What's wrong? Are you ok?"
"Mar..Mar...Marissaaaaa just dieeddddddd wahhhhhhh"
"It is a TV show"
"But Ryan had to say goodbye to the muuuussiccccc. wahhhhhh"

"Just go in there when he is at the computer working and pull off his pants."

"You are one long complicating action. I might have to stick around for the climax."

I have the Angel Race tomorrow...not going to worry about time because I have been sick, I just have to get back to training now that I am almost better since the half marathon is almost a week away!

Finals next week...then this nightmare of a semester will be finally over.

This weekend is a study weekend, with some coffee, one movie, and some shopping thrown in. Shopping is in order, all the cute summer clothes will die if they don't get on me now. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey one of mine is in there!

I feel so flattered.

Just remember it's true. :)