Friday, May 26, 2006

P.S You Rock My World...and Weekly Quotes

Yes, it is that time again! I am hungover, I recall drunk dialing D and talking to him until 3:00 AM., only to be woken up by him this morning because he was pissed that he is now tired (pfft) I recall meeting a guy whose boss was there and kept buying everyone rounds. I was so drained from finals (they are OVER!!!) that I just wanted to have some fun, which is basically what I did. The Eels were not that great (not their fault I still love them) the sound at the Roxy sucks and they should not be doing hard electric guitar and pretending to be hard rock when they are not. I did not pay much attention to the show though because I was too busy getting free drinks and being happy finals were over. I do remember though that my sister-in-law looked absolutely gorgeous so I wish I had brought my camera.

Moving on…Here are the Weekly Best Quotes EVER…in random order.

“You are a republican and a spoiled brat? Isn’t that kind of redundant?”

“Yeah I am a metro. I have all the body issues of a gay man and the communication problems of a straight man”

“You are straight? And you like to shop? You are my new best friend!”

“I find you arrogant, cocky, abrasive, forward, and self absorbed….its totally sexy..”

“On one side you have the quest for perfection – which you can never get. On the other side you have complete freedom - which you can have now. You pick which one you want.”

(Probably the only male alive who would say this) “I don’t like my women to be loud. I mean I know what my name is you don’t have to scream it out”
“Thank God we never dated”
(all you men out there – this is abnormal right?)

“I’m rolling my eyes back as far as I can see my brain”

“If he is holding a guitar like that, imagine how he would hold you.”

“So what do you want me to do about it? A backflip?”

“”Don’t look at me like that”
“Like what”?
“Like you are picturing me naked.”

“Everyone loves you so stop fucking worrying if anyone doesn’t and just smile.”

“You piss me off. A LOT.”
“Then why hang around”?
“I have no fucking clue..but I am”

“OK I will be friends with you if that’s what you want but that doesn’t mean I will ever stop wanting to sleep with you and I probably will still try. All guys are like that, get used to it.”


D who the fuck is D I have a name bah said...

ok seriously half of those are mine

Grins said...

Hmm D huh? Didn't Dustin get a drunk dialer the other night? Hmmmm.

Rachel Heather said...


wrong D Grins

Fortunately for Dustin I have another D to drunk dial so I don't bug him


Anonymous said...

Wait one damn second...

Did I just read that right?

You know someone who does NOT want a girl to scream out his name?

Damn 90% of my fantasies about you involve that very thing.