Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Too Much Information – or what happens when you are best friends with the woman married to your brother…and she stops being polite and starts being real..real honest

Sex talk always happens. It is a topic of conversation that is popular with us women. Yes we do discuss penis size. Yes we discuss technique. Yes we talk about what feels good and what gets our blood pumping. Sometimes Amy stops me from going into details because she does not care to know.

However, today she let some things slip and now I think I might be damaged for life. TMI TMI TMI

I don't need to know, I just don't. But, yeah, ....

In other news it looks like my hard drive is DOA and my brother can transfer my ipod songs back on my computer but I have not updated my ipod in a few weeks so if anyone out there has some mp3s they would like to share, let me know. I am lost without my music ☹

Chris once again gives a panty changing performance tonight on American Idol.

My parents are in Hawaii so I have been over here a bit to use their computer, studying and whatnot. Two of my best guy friends are construction workers and electrical contractors and they have been remodeling my parents house a bunch. I decided I needed to feel good for a bit so on went the music and out came the dancing machine.

So who walks in while I am doing this? Oh just them with a couple of their construction worker buddies…

Very nice Rachel…N knows me enough to laugh it off and he is my best friend and has been on vacation with me so he has seen it all, but the others?....*shudder*

I am going to start searching for some good blogs you all should read but I don’t know how to create a link to where you click on it and it takes you to that blog…anyone know how to do that?

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