Saturday, May 27, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...and then sweep me off my feet :)

I got my picture back from the Angels Race. It is a horrid picture. I am sweaty and there is no makeup on my face. I wouldn’t usually post any picture of me sweaty with no makeup on but I have to because I look so freaking happy. I guess it is a perfect example of what running does for me. Dance has always done it for me, and now running does. I know I am Ms. Advocate for cardio activity, but seriously, if there is one thing that would change your life for the better it would be to find a sport or activity that gets your juices flowing and do it most days a week.

So here is Rachel, running through the field at Angel Stadium.

told ya it was horrid...but check out where I am running!!! :)

This past week, this upcoming weekend, the half marathon, and the next few weeks are going to be hectic and crazy. I am using my time at the ballpark as more of my meditation time. Last nights game was a good one. We, thanks to Dave being out of town, got to use his club season tickets. They were seriously some of the best seats I have had there. Club level is all posh and they actually serve you food. Plus our seats were literally right next to the press box! I have to say as well, thank you to my date for the new hat..cause it is damn cute! That field at the stadium represents so much more to me than just a ballgame that most find boring. Baseball is like a game of chess, and me sitting there, figuring it out, calms my head and makes me happy.

So I showed you me running through the field, and at a game I look at that same field, and win or lose I have the time of my life. This is me..staring at the same field I got to run through :)

Sounds stupid? Well bite me hehe

I hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day..and when you are sitting there drinking beer think of me busting my ass at the race…and then I will go drink beer. Oh yeah BJ’s has a free beer party after the race and my race bib gets me in WOO HOOO!!


Cyndy said...

Hello from the Michele meet and greet! Looks like you had a great time at Angels Stadium

Anonymous said...

If only that ass were mine


Good Luck Monday Rach!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for the visit Rachel....You Rick, too! I'm here in L.A., up in The Hollywood Hills...I have been surfing around your blog and loved the beach encounter with the man who's mom just died...Wonderful.

Good luck to you.

Grins said...

Yeah you! No one is going to notice sweat in that photo. They're too with your smile and those abs!

rabbitfish said...

Beautiful smile; great ass! Good luck on Monday!

count said...

Did you survive? I was close to goign to the game. But vegas beckoned. what's a boy to do?

D said...

I still think I prefer Petco and Skydome to that park, plus I have a vendetta against the angels for that stupid naming scheme. But real sports start next week.