Monday, May 08, 2006

Goodbye Computer. Goodbye Past

My computer died and that topped a pretty shitty 24 hours of my life

I might have lost everything on my hard drive including about 60 gigs of music. (time to help me out in that department dear friends)

I have been incredibly sad today, wishing things were somehow different than they are.

But they are not, and that is a possibility that was made clear to me that can never happen.

I guess sometimes things happen, and it is no ones fault and all we can do is look inward and see how we are responsible for not what happens in life but our reaction to it.

Some react by being sad

Some react by covering up the pain

Some react by being hurtful

I think most everyone does some combo of it all, No one is above it because we are all human.

But life is a little more simple than that. Life happens and every single thing that happens is a creation of our own minds. Our minds create our reality and only through pain can we change. And only through an understanding of how the mind works can we really create the life we want.

So all I can do is look at the past, give it a big hug and a kiss and say goodbye. Because sometimes peoples lives are better without me in it, even if I do love them.

So that’s what I’m doing, time to let go completely with a big kiss and move toward a life I will create for myself and really learn from it all.

And an idea of a future where dreams come true awaits me and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear

So I just have to get ready.


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