Sunday, May 21, 2006

ALWAYS Talk to Strangers…and I got to run through the field!

Disclaimer – a) the following is long because I need a break from studying and b) the conversation that follows is to the best of my memory LOL

So I had the Angels Race this morning and it was my worst time ever as far as finish time (because I have been sick) but the bestest funnest ever (because we got to freaking run through the stadium)

I don’t mean we got to run through the area of the stadium that I am always in, I mean we got to run through the FIELD. So during that part of the race I practically slowed to a crawl because there I am on the freaking baseball field running by the dugouts and the bullpen and omigod it was so so cool.

Last nights game was, of course, big topic of conversation at the race. You could almost feel the depression of the people in the air. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with those guys lately? Oh well, I am just going to keep my faith that they will pull through in the end.

Later on in the evening I decided I needed a break from studying. I was having writers block and just feeling uninspired and so I got in my car and drove to the only place that I knew would inspire me as soon as I got there. My spot. My spot is a certain beach down here, that I always go to alone when I need to gather my thoughts, feel peaceful or just get inspired. The spotty clouds I saw in the sky told me tonight’s sunset would be perfect. I grabbed my notebook and my ipod, kicked off my shoes and headed down the path. I laid my beach blanket down and just sat there absorbing the view, the small gathering of people who were there to watch the sunset and the waves.

I go to this place for solitude, it makes me whole, it makes me think, and most importantly it makes me smile. The first time I went there was the night one of my best friends died. I went to escape and as I sat there just staring at the sea I saw a dolphin, alone, dancing in the waves.

As I sat there listening to my music and writing my thoughts down in my notebook, a stranger walked by, then turned around and started walking towards me.

“What’cha listening to”? he asked.

“It is just a mix of music I made, nothing special.”

He sat down. He didn’t even ask, he just sat down like it was the normal thing to do. I gave him the once over. Expensive jeans, AG jeans, which is the type of expensive only men who either know jeans or have a woman who knows jeans wears. His hair was an unkept black and his eyes were green..nice combo. He was not gorgeous, but had more of a “indie” handsome thing going on. Of course I do this “once over” in about three seconds so it is never noticeable.

“Well I just saw you sitting here, you kind of reminded me of that chick from Garden State (ok good taste in movies) so I thought either you had something interesting going on with your music or something else was making you smile that big, just thought I would say hi.” Wow he was a talker. And quite forward!

Now normally I like to be alone in my spot, but hey what the heck, I am always up for conversation among strangers.

“It is called The Sunset Mix,” I explained, handing him the headphones

He took the ipod and scrolled through the playlist, “The Cure, REM, Pearl Jam, nice mix of music you got there.”

I cracked a smile. My music. Gets em’ every time.

“So might I ask what a girl like you is doing here all alone”?

Remember how I said I tend to divulge to strangers?

“Well I want to be here alone. This spot is sort of my “SPOT,” I have been coming here for years whenever I need solitary time or inspiration.”

“Weird, so have I, but I have never seen you here.” He was looking at me with a curious eye now. “Can I say something without it sounding like a total come on”?

The sun had already set causing the spotty clouds to become silhouettes to the bright orange the sky had become. To the other side of the sky, it had already begun to turn gray.

“I haven’t stopped you so far have I”?

“Fair enough. I just wanted to say you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

“That might be the sunset making you optimistic” I said, trying to be modest but what the hell that never works. “So why do you come here so often”?

“Well, I live right up the street” He said pointing up toward the cliff (ahhhhh explains the expensive jeans) “And, why are you looking at me like that”?

“Well, I have this theory,” I blurted out. “It goes something like this…Every single person I meet or talk to is in my life for a minute, a year, years, or a lifetime. And every single one is in it for a reason. That was what I was just writing about. So I was thinking you just sat down for a reason, even if I never see you again”

“So you’re a synchronicity girl huh”? he said, still looking at me curiously.

“Sound silly”?

“Not at all.”

For the next hour, we sat there as the sky got dark, chit chatting about music, concerts, books and baseball. We talked about how the Angels are pissing us off, how the ocean seems to cure everything, and how music really does save your mortal soul. We talked about happiness and love and my love for running and his for surfing. We talked about our goals, our dreams and dogs and travel. I was beginning to think this might be the best stranger conversation I have had in a long time.

“So why did I come into your life for this night”? he suddenly changed the subject

I looked at this guy, very good looking in a non-assuming way, smart, interesting, and obviously good taste in music and baseball teams, and thought for a minute.

“Well, because you are the evidence before the proof.”

“What’s that mean”? he asked

“It means you gotta have faith. You came to show me faith. So I know I don’t have to settle”

OK that got him to smile so I went on, “See this is my SPOT. Nobody comes here with me. I don’t ever talk to anyone here. Nobody understands what this place means to me and how no matter what is going on in my life it can bring me peace and happiness and and..well faith. No one gets it, but I have a feeling you do”

And that was the weird thing, I had a feeling he really did understand.

“Well you might be right. But how come you have so much faith? When I saw you, you looked like the happiest girl in the world, you looked inspired, how do you do that”?

I began to gather up my belongings as it was getting late and I still had studying to do.

“I guess I just know myself. That’s partly why I come here, because I think you have to be alone to get to know who you really are, what you really are about, so you can love yourself. And, I guess here the whole world is perfect, so how can I not be happy about that’?

“What is your name”?

“It’s Rachel”
I stood up, dusting the sand off my pants.

“Rachel, thank you.”

“For what? I did nothing but blabber on to a stranger Mr. Beach Boy.” The sky was now black and the beach empty.

“No you did more. Thank you for inspiring me. To be honest, I have been depressed lately, my mother just died, that’s why I live up the street now. I moved in with my father to help him out. But I smiled for the first time in a while tonight. Maybe that was the reason you talked to me, to make me smile”

I was sooooooo taken aback. Here I amm going on and on about perfection and happiness and here this guy just lost his mother…

“No don’t look at me like that,” he said. “No feeling sorry for me. She had been sick for a long time, I guess I was just trying to find the meaning of it all.”

“Well, then you are welcome. And, thank you for not judging me.”

“How can I judge you, your eyes are hypnotizing. Plus your smile is contagious” He flashes a grin.

“OK now that was a line, and a bad one too.”

“Hey I tried,” he shrugged.

“Well I have to get back to studying since it is getting so late. But seriously Mr. Beach Boy, you have been the best single serving date I have ever had. Like I said you gave me evidence.”

“I hope you have an awesome night, do you think we will meet again.”?

“Perhaps Mr. Beach Boy, it is all up to synchronicity.”

I gave him a grin and began to walk back to my car. I turned around once and saw him lying on the sand, staring up at the sky. I had the desire to reach out and hug him but carried on walking instead.

People come into our lives for a reason. Whether or not I ever see Mr. Beach Boy again, I thought, I got into my car smiling, I know the reason that night happened…he just renewed my faith.

P.S The Sunset Mix is, as follows:

Pearl Jam – Come Back

REM and Chris Martin – In the Sun

The Cure – Love Song

Simon and Garfunkel – bridge Over Troubled Water

Jeff Buckley -Hallelujah

Guster – Rocket Ship

The Used – On My Own

INXS – beautiful Girl

The Beatles – Blackbird

Eels – Climbing Up to the Moon

The Beatles – Across the Universe

Simon and Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York

God Only Knows – Beach Boys

Beach Boys – Everyone’s in Love With You

Grant Lee Phillips – Happiness

Just in case ya all wanted to know!


Anonymous said...

Wow you ARE the chick from Garden State! Complete with tap dancing for no reason. Well that and you can change anyone's life in a few days, have good taste in music, and can make anyone smile.

Cheer up Rachie, this week will be better I promise.


Dustin said...

good lord
you know my attention span

how could i possible make it through all of that???

count said...

I read your other stuff. But (rare moment of honesty)..i didn't read this one in its's midnight already!

shpprgrl said...

Your story reminds me of Serendipity too. I liked Garden State, is that the one where she makes the frame with her hands takes an imaginary picture to remember forever? I get my movies confused! Great post!

Rachel Heather said...

First off - Natalie Portman is a lot prettier than I am, but I will take the dancing in odd places compliment any day!

Dustin - I forgot you only pay attention if I am naked - silly me I will post about being naked more

Count - you are forgiven for now

shopgirl - I loved Serendipity too! I love John Cusack so anything with him in it is fine by me! :)