Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Studying to Baseball Movies..and Concerts on a Tuesday

I have a final in an hour. I am going nuts. But, surprisingly not stressed at all.

Sunday I spent the day studying and being that I can't sit and study with no noise I decided to make it a theme movie day. All I did Sunday was study and watch Kevin Coster baseball movies. Yes people, don't laugh. I went from Field of Dreams to Bull Durham and then onto For the Love of the Game. Those movies reminded me why baseball is such a good metaphor for life...though that I will have to explain later.

I am not going to get all deep on you guys now, especially after, my last post, it took it all out of me.

I am leaving straight from my final to the Gomez concert because I thought since I am not sleeping at all this week anyways, I might as well add fuel to the fire.

I have a very very very busy few weeks ahead of me..makes me think I really should start using a day planner. I have a couple baseball games, a half marathon, a road trip, a bridal shower, the marine corp Mud Run, Pearl Jam..the list goes on.

Weird thing - I am not stressed. I am not overwhelemed. I am 100% perfectly happy. Maybe that night on the beach did something to me..because I have not stopped smiling and just being peaceful since then.

I am even all frisky again, and when I say frisky I mean like insatiable, can't think about anything else frisky. Seriously I have a final in an hour I need to stop being randy for a few hours. Then I will have to get that taken care of pronto.

I was talking with a friend last night about fantasies - so I have a question for all of you. I want you, in the comment section, even if you have to post anonymous - to say what your dreams, fantasies, and well anything is. Go on, do it, I am just curious..because it seems we all have fantasies and so many of us are scared to do anything about it. So tell me yours, then I shall tell ya mine. :)

I will be back tomorrow with a more meaningful post I promise...

But for now...

Being that Sunday was baseball movie day I am going to leave you all with some of my favorite quotes from Kevin Coster baseball movies

"You once wrote, there comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens it’s self up for a few seconds to show you what’s possible "- Ray - Field of Dreams

"What ever happens in the next few minutes, I want you to know that when I opened the door & saw you...my heart lepped. It lepped!" - For the Love of the Game

Crash Davis: Come on, Annie, think of something clever to say, huh? Something full of magic, religion, bullshit. Come on, dazzle me.
Annie Savoy: I want you. - Bull Durham

"Last night should have been the happiest night of my life, it wasn't because you weren't there. I'm not telling you this to make you stay or to change your mind, but I want you to know that I know that I need you." - For the Love of the Game

"America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. Its been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game is a part of our past. It reminds of everything that was once good and could be again. People will come, Ray, oh people will most definitely come." - Field of Dreams

Crash Davis: Why do you get to choose? I mean, why don't I get to choose, why doesn't he get to choose?
Annie Savoy: Well, actually, nobody on this planet ever really chooses each other. I mean, it's all a question of quantum physics, molecular attraction, and timing. Why, there are laws we don't understand that bring us together and tear us apart. Uh, it's like pheromones. You get three ants together, they can't do dick. You get 300 million of them, they can build a cathedral. - Bull Durham

Annie Savoy: Well of course I'm trying to seduce you, for God's sake, and I'm doing a damn poor job of it... Aren't I pretty?
Ebby Calvin LaLoosh: God, I think you're real cute.
Annie Savoy: Cute? Baby ducks are cute, I HATE cute! I want to be exotic, and mysterious!
Ebby Calvin LaLoosh: You are, you're exotic, and mysterious, and... cute... and... That's why I'd better leave. - Bull Durham

You see, there's no guilt in baseball, and it's never boring... which makes it like sex. There's never been a ballplayer slept with me who didn't have the best year of his career. Making love is like hitting a baseball: you just gotta relax and concentrate. Besides, I'd never sleep with a player hitting under .250... not unless he had a lot of RBIs and was a great glove man up the middle. You see, there's a certain amount of life wisdom I give these boys. I can expand their minds. Sometimes when I've got a ballplayer alone, I'll just read Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman to him, and the guys are so sweet, they always stay and listen. 'Course, a guy'll listen to anything if he thinks it's foreplay. I make them feel confident, and they make me feel safe, and pretty. ' - Annie - Bull Durham

I would post a World Baseball Classic photo here - but I don't have any :(

Wish me Luck people! The semester is almost over :)


Anonymous said...

I have a fantasy. I can't say it here. However, I will give you a hint.

It involves a very tiny red head naked in my bed with a glint in her eyes.

Can you guess?

Anonymous said...

I have one!

Mine is not anything big though. I want to buy a beach house.

my other one is having sex on the beach.