Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Busy Times Ahead

So last night I went to some big house in the middle of nowhere, where K’s friend’s studio is built under the big house and around the corner. If I were in a horror movie, it would have been my last call. The night turned out quite fun though. Besides my stint watching a cool band record a radio show I have never actually watched someone record a song and I was very interested in the process. K let me sit in the room and got me hooked up to some headphones. He gets very very emotional when he is recording..and quite bossy HAHA. Recording vocals is a lot harder than I thought. It must be like making a movie..take after take after take. But all in all it was a good time and I am glad I got to visit an old friend. I kissed K goodnight, came home and then proceeded to keep another guy up until 2:00 because apparently I can’t shut up. Plus those of you that know me know my, “just five more minutes” rule…gets em every time.

I have today off of work because I am meeting with my academic advisor to discuss my changing of major. Meanwhile I am mapping out my road trip up the coast and fantasizing very bad bad things. If anyone has any stops they think I should make on my trek up the coast of California, let me know. I am excited to visit my friends in San Fran and drink wine and well beer too.

The next few weekends are going to be crazy busy so I am trying to enjoy as much downtime as possible until then. The rest of May looks like a circus. I will just have to sleep later.
On a side note, there are about 100 of you that read this a day…comment you bastards!!

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rabbitfish said...

Hi, sweetie. May I suggest you stop for lunch at The Big Yellow House which is on the right hand side of the 101 just before you enter Santa Barbara. It is, well, a big yellow house, Victorian era, with all sorts of cool rooms and an amazing view of the ocean. It's not a terribly hip, trendy, place, but rather a calm, soothing place.

If you happen to run across any wine on your travels with the Turnbull label, be sure and buy a bottle. It is not only my namesake, but a very good wine. Of course, you're talking to someone who typically drinks two buck Chuck, so by comparison, the Turnbull label has no where to go but up.