Friday, May 05, 2006

Write about what you like about Republican and conservative men!

With writers block settling in today I do what I normally do and talk to friends, family and loved ones and ask them to shout out a topic they think might be interesting…

Well that in itself was interesting

The question was always the same, “Give me a topic to write about”

The answers, however, were quite different.

“How about you don’t write about men, relationships or sex so you don’t get any more stalkers”?

“I think you should write about how your damn dog peed on my leg and I had to go buy doggie diapers for him”?!?!

“I think you should write about why you like politically conservative men and not liberals and why they make better lovers”

“Two words. bulgarian philanthropists”

“Sitting next to a guy on an airplane whose breath reeks of cheese”

“Why you love Aruba so damn much.”

“Cubans swimming into the Bermuda triangle” wtf

“A surprise drug test for a kindergarten teacher.”

“How you really feel about Tom Cruise”

“Why all you women are weird” - that would take a year
“What you want in a guy” – did that

“Why you like juicy jeans”

“ Write about a few of your favorite things”

“I’ll take another topic of you dancing in your living room.”

“Write about how much of a dork you are”

Well that is a good start, any other ideas?

I have my 12 mile run tomorrow and M's birthday party tomorrow night. It is at some big giant club in LA and while I like more of the laid back, play good music type of places, M's birthday means she decides and we follow. I will probably get some interesting topics to write about out of that at least. Stay tuned!

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