Monday, May 01, 2006

The Male Power Source

“Hey , I don’t know what write about today, give me something to write about.”


“Well, I mean a good topic to write about”


“You want me to write about your penis”?


Well….ummm….ok then

I guess today’s topic of discussion is the penis.

*Dear Lord*

Only 7% of men in this world have their tips snipped. Most American women don’t realize this because most American men have it done. However, beware of vacations in Greece with your girlfriends because that fling with that hot guy might turn into the Sharpe buffet.

I have to wonder how so many men know how many inches long their penis is while hard. Do they sit in their bathrooms, get turned on and actually measure it with a ruler?

When a little boy is about five years old one might catch him pulling down his pants at an unsuspecting girl and shaking his wee wee while laughing at the fact that is he has an extension that moves. What many don’t realize is that 30 year old men do the same thing to their wives.

Why do so many men think with their little heads rather than their big heads? And no I am not calling it little, but unless you are Ron J. it probably is not as big as the head you have on top.

Men think about sex on average about every 4 minutes. This means you are thinking about sex at one time or another while reading this blog. Who were you thinking about? You dirty thing you!

The Average length of an erect penis is 6.14 inches (give or take depending on the study). The Average size if a normal dildo is roughly about 8 inches.

Some swear that pineapple will make the taste of semen better but studies have shown that it cannot alter the direct of taste of semen but rather a diet that is rich in protein, good fasts like Omega 3’s and fruit will help keep a guys body healthy and therefore have a less sour taste.
I asked a guy why they like girls to swallow…his answer
“Because Kleenex is too expensive”

Why do men have no problem adjusting in public? If girls grabbed at our thong underwear in public we would be looked at funny. A guy doing it around other guys, in a bar or on a baseball field is normal.

Men use their power of the penis as a direct form if exerting control. Women use their assets as a form of indirect power and therefore rule over the penis….and consequently the world.

The male hormone testosterone is what causes sex drive. Scary rides and scary movies, as well as exciting things and anything that produces endorphins also increase the testosterone levels of a female. This is why if you take a woman to a scary movie, an amusement park, or a sport activity on the first date, you are more likely to get a second date.

If a girl knows how to use her power over the penis, it can be her best friend…or her worst enemy.

When I first started dating my grandfathers one piece of advice to me about men was, “Men are like Bulls, grab ‘em by the balls and the rest will follow.”

Please let me know what you think about the penis. Anything you would like to add? Please leave in the comment section below.

Have a good day. :)


rabbitfish said...

Haven't met one yet that I wasn't wildly fond of. Ugly little beasts, but very entertaining. Note to men: size doesn't matter as much as you think, unless you're seriously to the left of the 6.4 national average.

John Balone said...

Okay Rachael..I'm a man and I have a penis but I never worried about the fact that I'm circumcised. I'm not Jewish but that was the ritual at the time of my birth.
It's nice having a penis..hell, I wouldn't be a man without one. The young lads of today, circumsised or not, think that they MUST have intercourse even if they do NOT like the woman with whom they are involved.
Having a penis is a big responsibility. We must control our sexual urges because the world is over-populated. Wear a condom..sure but that isn't 100% effective. Is your lady friend on the pill or "Tic-Tacs?"
Let us not even go into the many sexual diseases. If you young lads do not realize that you could die..then you are STUPID!
That being said, do you folks realize that Abraham was 99 years old when he was circumcised? Check out GENESIS chapter 17 v/s 1-17
Also check out my blogger AshfordManour (one word)
Hugs to all John Balone

Dustin said...

It's good to know that if I have any questions regarding my penis, I can ask Rachel for advice.

I dunno about Genesis chapter 17, however Playboy issue 78 page 32 has a wonderful ....uh...article.

carry on.