Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Magic of Making Music

Tomorrow, my friend K is in town so I get to head over and witness what happens in a recording studio. What I will witness, I have not a clue. But, it is always so fun to watch the magic of making music take place.

I am always interested in how music comes from just an idea, through the roads and on to an actual cd. (Or vinyl you music snobs!) Whenever I see a musician I really enjoy just sit at a piano or pick up a guitar and improv I am amazed. I guess I am amazed the same way an author goes from an idea to the final edits of a novel. It is the process that seduces me. I guess so many things go into making a piece of art and I am fascinated about all the aspects. How does one construct a song? And a good song at that. How does someone go from an outline of something to a body and then to a final product? Anyways, it will be cool to see the process, hang out, see old friends and have a few drinks.

IN similar aspects, I think some people, whether a musician or a DJ have the ear for making music, or arranging it to their liking. Many people have a good ear for music and many dancers or people who move to music have a good ear to body understanding of music. But, not many people can sit and write some very beautiful unique piece of music and make an idea a reality that way.

For that, I give my respects to all musicians, DJ’s, dancers, composers, and even the guys who put music to soundtracks. Because, it makes life a lot more beautiful, and without it what fun would life be?

Some of my favorite memories involve concerts, or just dancing to music, or just sitting around playing music. I love learning new music and besides what is sexier than a guy with a guitar or a microphone? Who doesn’t have a sexy rock star fantasy?

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