Saturday, April 08, 2006

Baseball and More of What I Want

My sister- in – law says the best way to figure out what you want is to figure out what you don’t want first.

She told me to take everything I loved about my ex and make those qualities I look for in a future person, (So I did that, see previous wants list) And then add others as they come. And if a date comes around where they have a quality I hate then put the opposite of that quality on my wants and needs. So my ex had lots of qualities I look for in a guy – so I started there and make that want list. Then proceed further…

So there is this guy, lets call him lawyer. The past couple of weeks he has helped me figure out what I want by giving me exactly what I don’t want. EXACTLY

First – Lawyers have no sense of humor so I want someone who is not a lawyer.
I mean the jokes are just not cool. The jokes are not funny. They remind me of the guy in the room at a party who is not at ease with himself and can’t go with the flow of conversation so tries to be funny and has horrible timing and delivery and just ends up having people stare at him like, HUH?

Second – Confidence is key and confidence in a social situation is even more key, I guess this means they must be CHARMING

Third – they CAN”T be intimidated by me. I know I can be very pushy and demanding but the right guys I have been with have always been very good at grounding me. (Not in the way a teacher grounds a child you naughty people with dirty thoughts!) I know I can be a smart ass but if a guy gets insecure around me and can’t rise up to the smart-ass occasion then he won’t cut it. So what I want is a guy who can be a smart ass and deal with my smart assiness.

Fourth - My natural personality is very touchy feely and flirty and passionate. So if I don’t like a guy I don’t want to lead him on so I can’t be my normal flirty self. I have to put my hands in my lap and be reserved so pheromones and chemistry is a MUST. Attraction is a must. Sexual chemistry is a MUST. If I can’t wait to start kissing you then that is a good thing…if I start looking at your mouth and making a plan never to go near it – not good.

Fifth - If on a third date a guy stops opening the door – pfft see ya later. So I want a guy who is chivalrous.

Sixth - The ability to sit back, relax, not be so serious and just have fun is such a key. Major political jabs so soon are such a turn off especially when they make a comment that, “Well I think most well educated people are liberals” – get ready for a slap in the face. Then proceed to shoot me down when I state my opinion. Now gather I don’t have as many talking points as some others and I know people can be passionate about their political views…but don’t try to hinder mine and then proceed to ask me on a fourth date cause you just wont get one. I guess I must have set him off when I said the words “Well the liberal media…”

Seventh – You don’t get to stare at my ass until I say it is ok to stare at it. I see where your eyes are, I am not blind.

Eighth – A guy has to see the value and need for buying season tickets to a baseball game. If they wonder how someone could go to all those games – chuck them.

Ninth – Take charge. Be a man. What girl (well at least not me) wants to date a pussy? If you are scared to take control of me then you will be forever walked on.

Tenth – I get what I want. I ask for what I want. Give it to me or tell me no and then kiss me. Don’t tell me yes all the time. Don’t be a pushover.

So I learned some more specifics.

II am about to go on my first 9 mile run.

I am so so so so so nervous.

Opening Day was exciting as hell. I couldn’t stop smiling. I will give a more detailed update on that later. But I had a blast and even made some new friends.


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