Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jealousy of the animals

So my other animals got all huffy and puffy because I showed King Boris to the world so I promised them I would show you all the pretty ladies

This is Nala. She is a bitch....but in a good way. She hits you if you stop petting her and growls if you dont give her attention.

The one on the left is Sugar (Boris as you know is the Pug). Me and Lauren rescued Sugar from the pound one day while ditching school. She was on death row and we saved her. She is the sweetest dog annd does nothing but love.

And here are Collie and Pity. They make a cute couple don't they?

and for some reason that picture won't upload. Dustin...picture guru....why is that?

All my animals still live at my parents house but I get visitation. :)

I figure now that I know how to do this picture thing (except the kitty picture ugghhhh) I should probably show who my cast in my life is.

More later...I am injured....and need to rest up tonight for my busy weekend

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