Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Little Things We Do To Make Life Fun

I put on my ruffled panties, blare “Out Tonight” and do the dance that Mimi does. (Or any happy song of the moment)

What is it about dancing that gets you completely in tune with your body? You feel the beat and your body moves along with it. Your pulse begins to match the music and your hips begin to shake or sway to the melody. You feel sexy and you feel like there is nothing in this world except you and the music.

I eat chocolate

75% cocoa – very dark. Very rich. Very perfect. Chocolate has actually been linked to raising your serotonin levels, which is why so many women crave it during PMS when their levels drop.

I go to a concert

Live music makes that cd come alive. It makes the singer become a real person. It makes you completely immerse yourself in the music for two hours or three hours or four hours (if you are Prince). When you listen to a cd it usually accompanies another part of your life. You listen to it in your car, or while you are writing, or while you are cleaning. When you are at a concert there is nothing else.

I go to a baseball game

Many think baseball is boring because sometimes it looks like nothing is happening. To me, it is like a game of chess and the players are the pieces. It is most exciting to figure it out, learn the stats and predict the movies. There are also so many games in a season that you never know how something is going to turn out. It is like a very long scary movie with a lot of twists and turns throughout and you have no idea how it ends..up until the last inning. It is the most exciting sport out there.

I Run

Running is hard. Running is like pain. But the feeling you get, this incredible high you get, makes all that pain worth it. Running and having a mile goal (the marathon) makes it worthwhile. But nothing is worthwhile unless you have fun with it, and that accomplished, high, invigorating feeling is like nothing else in the world (well except maybe one thing haha)

Life is meaningless except for the meaning you assign to it. You can assign it a bad meaning or a good one. You can make it fun or you can make it boring.You can make everything happy or make it sad. You can make it anything you want because nothing is anything until you assign it a meaning.

So Have FUN

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