Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When Smart People Do Odd Things

So I am driving to work this morning and I see the sun shining through the clouds a bit and thank goodness because I forgot my umbrella.

We have to park way far away and as soon as I park and get out of my car a complete down pour falls over me. I am totally wet in as little as five seconds.

I see some other people walking, one guy has an umbrella...a HUGE umbrella.

So I walk a little faster in the hopes of maybe stealing a little bit of it until this girl who ran faster (she was in sneakers and I in heels which were now soaked) ran under his umbrella.

A friend drives past me, "Hey Rach, where is your umbrella"

"Eh I forgot one" as I am trying to hurry..just a few hundred more yards. Thank God I did not wear white pants or a white shirt.

I get in the building.

I look as if I just took a shower with all my clothes on.

My hair looks like a drowned rat.

My everything is just...soaked.

My boss walks in to the office..."Eh, Rachel did you dive into the puddles"?

My co worker walks in "Can I get you some coffee to warm you up Rach?" (as my lips are turning blue.)

So how was my day at work? It was soaking wet. And I feel rather stupid because a simple umbrella would have fixed the entire problem. :/

In other news...

My brother is like the smartest person I know. He is stubborn and he is lacking in some people skills and commonsense, but he is like a mini Bill Gates and is like super genius annoying smart. So last night Amy wants to cook some things on the foremen and before she does that Ethan decides he needs to clean said formen.

So what does the smartest, geekiest, techiest guy I know do?

Grabs the foremen and RUNS IT UNDER THE WATER.

Wonders why it won't work.

Eventually gets mad because me and Amy are making fun of him.

Says it will work in the morning. HUH?

I guess sometimes the smartest people we know do some really stupid shit. I guess now I can feel better about looking like a wet noodle.


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