Thursday, April 06, 2006

When smart people do odd things part deux

The foremen never started working...

My parents house is under heavy construction. My mom can't handle dust. So they decided to trek on over to the local Marriott for some R&R over the next few days.

They get to their first room and it smells like smoke and there is some weird buzzing generator type sound. They ask to relocate and their request is granted.

They get to their next room and it smells like peaches n' cream but my mother can still hear that generator sound. She is so tired, all she wants to do is get some sleep but that buzzing wouldn't stop. So maitenence comes up, looks around, can't find anything. He tells her he is going to go look around the property to see if there is any construction work being done near their room. He can't find it.

They tell her she can have another room. Their request is granted.

She gets to that room and still she hears the generator sound!

Until she looks in her bag and sees her electric tooth brush has been on and buzzing the entire time!

She apologizes for being difficult, though I think they just thought it was funny...and probably relieved it was a toothbrush and not some other vibrating device.

In other news...

There is this guy, lets call him Lawyer, who lives in a quaint beachy cottage near the water. Lawyer is clean cut, handsome, loves his mom and even likes babies and volunteers to help his siblings out with their kids. He works out everyday and surfs. He is respectable and likes the finer things in good music. He is one of those guys who is good on paper (and we all know what Samantha said about guys that are good on paper.) He is one of those guys where they are perfect but their lack of any imperfections kind of freaks you out, or makes you bored.


I find out..

Lawyer has a bird, a parrot who likes to talk. Parrot proceeds to try to steal the phone away from lawyer and skwak at me. So Lawyer reprimand the bird. HE REPRIMANDED HIS BIRD!! "No M*** don't you do that, that's not nice."

He baby talked to his bird. Smart Lawyer = baby talk to talking parrot. Does anyone else see the irony in this? Add it to my list of odd things smart people do.

I should be weirded out. Strangely I find this amusing. But at least I know now he is not perfect lawyer, he is quirky Lawyer...with a parrot that talks.

So far I have found out that smart people:

a) run electric appliances under water to clean them
b) forget umbrellas in work clothes during a down pour.
c) mistake a vibrating toothbrush for a generator and become difficult with hotel staff
d) baby talk to birds.

I might have to add onto this. Please feel free to let me know anything all you smarty pants people out there do. :)

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