Friday, April 21, 2006

It's Friday Morning, the Sun is Not Out Yet

In Sex in the City Carrie says, “But the most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself. And if you can kind someone to love the one you love…well that’s just fabulous.” Damn I love Carrie.

That show is so funny how sooo many women relate their lives to it. We identify with parts of each character’s personality. We either love the Aiden or the Big. You hear women saying, “well Aiden was the perfect guy but he didn’t challenge her. Big is not perfect but he is perfect for her.”


“Well I am a mix between Carrie and Miranda.”


Well you get the idea…

I was not feeling particularly good yesterday. TOM came to town, my tummy hurt and it needed rubbing, and the pity party had requested a table for one.

I wasn’t me.

And someone knocked me back to me.

He said, “Rach…you are being a whiner. You are being a bratty whiner You are a smart, beautiful feisty bratty girl…just have fun with that for the time you are here.”

Boy was I humbled. He was right. I am still very blessed in my life. I have been blessed with so much. And everyday more blessings have been entering my life. Big huge blessings! (I call this the three squeeze rule. That I will explain later.) And one thing happens that makes me confused and then Tom comes to visit and I am a mess. Damn I hate woman hormones. But I am still that girl that is loved and has been loved, nothings changed. And why not have fun with it? At least have fun with it when TOM leaves.

For you men out there, let me explain what TOM does…

You feel a million pounds fatter and your tummy sticks out. The smallest thing makes you cry. You are crampy and are probably pooping a lot too. It is the one day where being a woman just sucks.

But I am still the feisty beautiful person I always have been. No one can change that.

Well then he said I was cocky. That brat.

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Dustin said...

I think most of us are aware the effects that you are talking about.

....and to this day, I still cringe up like a 7 yr old when it's discussed.

Why is that?