Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Possible Jobs

So I finally figured out how to upload pictures to my blog…turns out all you have to do is lick this little icon button and press “upload” humph. Yes I am retarded…

New developments on the job front are on the horizon and I am finding myself with tons of advice from people about what they think I should do.

I have heard…

You should be a Pilates instructor…you can make you own hours, the pay is good, and you are great at it because you are a dancer.

You should just bite the bullet and be a writer…but get a good editor since your spelling sucks

I think you should be a psychologist or counselor.

Screw it all…marry rich, have babies and spend your days looking pretty

Wait until your brother becomes vice president and then demand nepotism and get a job discovering new bands to where you will single handily change the music industry from the crap it is to a magnificent cup of tea.

You should become an Angel Girl. Because, then you will get to have fun, get paid, and get me free tickets.

Well I still have no idea what I am going to do. All my options sound pretty appealing to me!

Maybe I will just do it all. I will audition for the Angels for now, get my pilates certification, graduate school, get married, have kids, go work for the music empire that by then my brother will have taken over, discover new bands, (or maybe just continue my band aid status and be the token fun sibling and dress up as furry animals and dance on stage) and then write a book about it.

Has that been done?

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Rachel Heather said...

talk about a slip in that first paragraph!! I meant click not lick :)