Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Random Musings when I want to be at the beach instead of at work

Online “windows” shopping is just so depressing. The entire world of fashion and music is at your fingertips. All it takes is a click of a button and the worlds riches can be delivered to your door step addressed to you as if to say, “here you go Rachel, a gift from the heavens…until you get your bill that is.”

What beautiful fabrics are out there. New books and CDs and DVDs are coming out everyday. It is materialism at its best. You don’t have to go anywhere. You have access to all stores from the comforts of your sofa, or your desk and even your bathroom if you have a laptop. (ok like no one does that pahlease)

The Internet is a funny place. It invites you into others worlds. You can check up on dates before you actually go out on a date with them. You can have the worlds consumer products at your feet for your salivating pleasure. You can see websites and pages people make that will exist long after they don’t exist anymore. It immortalized not just a product, but a human being as well.

It is so odd what the internet has become. Has it paralyzed us to have any sort of mystery? Has it caused us all to make ourselves a defined product? Has it caused people to lose any tact because who needs tact when you are not saying something face to face?

Good Example

I received an email the other day from a male. It read (and I quote)

“HI, I wanted to ask you what you thought the best way a guy can ask a girl for a blowjob because I want to ask you for one but don’t want to sound rude. Serious question. Thanks.”

Would any guy say this to my face…drunk at a bar maybe but in most circumstances I think not.

I really have no point to this, it is slow at work and I would rather be at the beach in my new hot swimsuit but I am here, in a week where work is so slow, the boss is out of town, and I think she should have just given us all the week off!

I was just thinking about this and thinking about other stuff like how sick it is that Tom Cruise wants to eat his baby’s placenta (helloooo can someone say SICK) and how I got four honks while I was running yesterday and I still have not made my decision about New York and I have a zit on my forehead that makes me look like I have one of those Bindi things (is that the right word) and that my new neighbor has a yorkie puppy which means he is either gay or just very smart. I am not sure yet. But I am in love with his puppy. I was just thinking how this beautiful sunny day reminded me of a baseball game I went to last season where the warmth of the sun on my skin felt so good. And I drank a cold drink and just sat there and it was like the funnest day in the whole wide world EVER. It is funny what sun does? Does it make everything seem brighter?

Maybe that is the problem with the Internet…it is not sunny in there.


Dustin said...

mmm...looks like i found a new blog to play on.

Dustin said...

maybe you can offer some insight on my own chronicles.