Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best Lines EVER...please give me some you have heard :)

...this is what I do when I should be studying :)

Best Lines EVER

Disclaimer – if you said one of these lines..this is not meant to offend, it is meant to show you how all seriously weird we all are

“My therapist told me I need to go see a psychic” – How LA

“ I want to taste you but I bet your lips are venomous.” – are we Alice Cooper now?

“Chris was so good tonight Rach.”
“Yeah you will ORGASM”!!! – Because apparently all good singers make me wet myself – and not by peeing.

(edit to add – ok you were right. I just watched him. I now have to go change panties)

“Yeah Rachel was a really wild rebelous child” – to my boss…thanks a lot

“You are a fucktard” – and a new word is born and spreads like wildifre

“Spirit is losing patience with you.” – Really? Spirit is? So that’s why Spirit caused a bird to attack?

“I heart you Muffin.” – because the person who said this is the bestest

“How’s the Bazoom”? – The dog is doing fine.

“I made that ass.” – Yes you did sweet cheeks

“Do you have a small wee wee”? – Because tact is not something I posess

“ I have this weird feeling I am going to win the lottery one day” – don’t we all.

“Why do I always get butterflies in my stomach when I see a hot guy with a great ass”?
“Because he is a hot guy with a great ass…that’d be my best guess.”

“You are so full of crap”
“Of course I am full of crap. I am a fucktard” – At least he admits it.

“They could build monuments to your self centerdness” - perfect.


Amy said...

I told you Chris was orgasmy tonight.

And yes, I'm so LA, and I've decided either my therapist is crazy and therefore not fit to help me, or I'm just officially a Los Angelino again.

My Spirit wants to go shopping. My Spirit thinks I need a new pair of jeans. And some shoes.

Dustin said...

small wee wee ------->