Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Best night ever last night!!!

I went with Thomas to meet all the cast members of Freaks and Geeks! We had so much fun. I got everyone's autographs. Daniel and Lindsey and Sam and even Mr. Rosso were all there. I think James Franco (Daniel) is in love with me and will one day track me down and beg me to marry him. ;) He will have to fight off Wayne and Cillian and Johnny of course, but he will do fine. Ok, in my dreams I know.

When we were in line, there were these guys who kept spouting on and on about their music and movie theories. Problem was, they were quoting every music magazine and rock journalist known to man. It really made our time in line funny. They sounded like robots or the pod people, no opinions of their own. " I Bob and Franz Ferdinand is blah blah blah blah..." I swear they moved all over the board. Back and forth back and forth.

I was expecting to say something funny and original when I met James Franco. What came out was something along the lines of, "Can you please sign your face"? Foot in mouth alert!!
I think Tom managed to say something cool to Linda, nothing foolish. Some wit on that boy I tell ya!

I am having problems with my altered reality paper. I am not blocked at all, I am just torn as to what I believe. And, until I know what I believe, I am not sure how to go about writing it. Its ok though, I have a couple weeks. Funny though, part of my whole paper is that we make our reality based on what we believe. It fits.

I had another version of my sgt. peppers dream last night. We shall call it sgt. peppers part 2. I wonder how many of these I will have in a life time.

T minus two days until Bill gets killed!! Uma kicks ass!!!!!

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