Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sometimes five year old kids say funnier things then any adult ever could. I was at work today teaching my five year old class.
"I think we are ready to learn a big girl step." which I really did think we were ready for. Alyssa is a girl in my class who is a little slow due to ADD.
"Miss Rachel, are you awesome"?
Seriously what could one say to that? I almost died laughing. Random. Hilarious. I love her. Of course this is the same little girl that once flat out told me she could, "see your boobies through that top." I love honest kids. I love honest adults. They are few and far between, but I love them.

I love laughing. It is great when a movie can make one laugh, or a TV show, or a friend. I laughed a lot last night. Tom has good comedy in him. He makes me laugh. He has this dry sense of humor that never seems forced or scripted. There is a guy in my history class that tries to be funny. He fails miserably.

I took a drive to my spot the other day. I hadn't visited that place in a while. I could not see the stars for some reason but it still looked very pretty. I was alone but for some reason I started laughing. I mean belly laughing. Machine gun uncontrollable laughing. Imagine if someone had walked up right at that moment. Yes, Rachel would have looked a little psychotic. Rachel Heather is schizophrenic, she forgot to tell herself that.
I have done that among friends though. Sometimes an old funny memory will pop into my head at an unexpected moment, maybe at dinner, or in class, or while my friend is crying to me about her boyfriend dumping her. There is the memory and I can't help but just laugh out loud.

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