Monday, April 12, 2004

Ok...If one more pretty boy metrosexual hits on me I am going to freaking scream. No I am not going to scream I am just going to go into hiding...Oh wait I already hide.

No my question is this...Why the hell do the guys I am attracted to run away from me. (once one really did run) My possible theories
1. My boobs are not big enough
2. I never wear dresses
3. I have a smile that is evil looking?
4. My personality is scary?
5. I always say the wrong things

ok I am running out of theories because in truth I am rather nice. I mean I have my bitchy days and I know I can be spoiled, but I think I am just fine. So what is it about me that attracts the shallow pretty boy metros?? I need to know so I can fix that. But, I don't want to change me. Oh I have a problem.

Then there is my type of guy. They never ask me out and usually seem really stand offish with me. I am friends with many of my type. My whole family is from the same stock as my type (not in a gross way), so I get along with them. My type is as follows...hmmm lets see...
1. Intelligent but not in the business man sense
2. Artistic
3. kind of geeky but not in the tape the glasses together kind of sense
4. same taste of music as me
5. likes movies and books
6. someone Ethan and Amy would approve of (for someone reason they are always right)
7. NOT metrosexual - if a guy waxes we have problems
8. not pretty, I like scruffy but cute
9. did I mention intelligent? Has opinions

big plus if they like REM, Beatles,(and all my other favorite bands) and has read books by Palahniuk, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Ovid, Dumas, Sedaris (and all my other favorite authors)

I can see them running away now....

I am slightly sunburned, this irritates me. Going to go jump in the swimming pool.

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