Tuesday, April 20, 2004

On Sunday I saw The Darkness in concert with Shaun and my ears were ringing for 24 hours following the event. So by that basis alone I would have to say the concert was a success. I somehow manages to sneak my way to the front row and stood next to some groupies (sluty groupies with sluty signs I might add) and recruited a very tall guy to sort of guard me against the very very rowdy crowd. He so very nicely obliged. Justin and friends put on a great show and me and Shaun had a great time. It was a short set but I expected that since they do not have much of a catalog to work with.
I wanted Brendan to go so I tried to scap him a ticket outside before the show. It was insane! These were fifteen dollar tickets and they were being scalped for no less than $130. What is funny is people could actually pay that.

Today I got an A on my comm midterm which brings me to an A in the class. So now I only have a B in my stupid history class. I might just have to learn to live with that. Maybe I will be able to as long as I pull my A's in all my other classes. I need these grades. They will do wonders for my GPA. Damn, I hate my history teacher.

Me and Shaun went to Santa Barbara a while ago and both walked away and bought the Oingo Boingo farewell tour DVD which we watched with Ethan. I guess we were both really impressed. I think this concert might be one of the best concert DVD's I have ever seen. I can't even count how many times I am watching it. I am watching it now. What fun!

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