Friday, April 09, 2004

I sometimes have this daydream that I am punching my English prof. While I am sitting in the back of class doing nothing, being bored. My writing is too "outside the box"!!!!!!!! Kiss my ass!!!! But that is not good for formal writing. Lesson one, you piss of the teacher at the beginning of the semester, and you life will be hell.

My brother's birthday is this weekend. He is getting damn old. His present came in the mail yesterday and it has since been teasing me. "Steal me Rachel! Steal me Rachel!" He got the damn Firefly and Freaks and Geeks DVD's! ohhhhhh I am jealous.

I was feeling down yesterday and inadequate. Mostly because of the whole teacher incident. I asked Brendan if he ever felt that way, and I got an answer I was not suspecting. He never feels adequate but he does not care. He never feels attractive but he does not think about it. While I like how he does not think about it, I hate the fact that he feels inadequate all the time. There are so many things about Brendan that I admire, so I guess I was just shocked that he said that. He made a comment on how he worked at Starbucks and his band was not successful yet. I should have told him everything I admire about him, but he would have shot back with his sarcasm.

Me and Brandon might go to Madonna. As long as she sings all the old stuff I am cool with that.

Jason is homesick, but doing well in Japan. Over it all the way.

Music - Franz Ferdinand
Mood - melancholy