Sunday, April 25, 2004

I have a fun week ahead of me. I love weeks like that. Special weeks. Special days. Fun stuff fun stuff. Wednesday I have one of Brendan's shows at a sushi place. Tom is coming into town on Wednesday so he is going as well. I have a feeling we will eat sushi until we puke. Good thing, I have been craving it for a while now. Brendan, for the first time ever is going to cover an REM song. THAT will rock.
Friday me, Thomas and his old friend Terra are going to Disneyland. I know I am 22 years old but I have not been to the d-land in years and I am so excited to go. We are going to have such a good time. The only thing missing from the d-land is Captain EO. Bring it back! I miss Captain EO I might have to buy a bootleg DVD of it on eBay.
Ok next best thing is Pirates of the Caribbean which is alive and well.
Friday night, Thomas is coming with the sibling crew to the Forbidden Zone. It is a movie done by Danny Elfman and his brother Richard. It is a midnight movie in Hollywood and I can't wait to see it. Plus, Ethan said that Danny might show up which would be awesome.
Saturday after very little hours of sleep, we are all leaving for Coachella. There are so many bands at Coachella I am excited to see that I am giddy with excitement. Plus it is just going to be a fun weekend all together.

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