Wednesday, May 05, 2004

OK it has been a while...Lets recap shall we

Wednesday - had a show of Brendan's. Because of a screw up he did NOT sing Drive.

Friday - I went to the d-land for the first time in years. It was so much fun I could scream. I went on pirates and even star tours. Talk about nostalgia! I also ran into a slight problem when I walked into the Nightmare Before Christmas store. That place was dangerous. I got a hoodie, a pen, some buttons a blanket and a Jack tank watch. Well there went my bank account once again. It's ok, one of these days I will learn to save money,...or at least learn to hold on to a little bit of it. But it was Jack! I could not resist Jack.
Thomas and Terra must have looked at me like I was nuts. Oh well. Terra I had met for the first time, she was a really really nice girl and we all got along great.

Friday night - the forbidden Zone! There was a midnight screening and oh man was it awesome. Attendees included me my brother, Josh, Shaun and Thomas. Thomas was really tired but he managed to wake up before the movie and I think he really liked it. Man I am so in love with Danny Elfman. Is there anything he can't do? After the movie there was a Q&A with Richard Elfman and I actually won a Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo CD signed by Richard and Danny Elfman. Ok well I did not actually win it, more like begged for it. Whatever works!

Saturday was off to Coachella and because of Amy's foot Shaun's friend Julian took her ticket. So it was me and four guys. Talk about testosterone overload. Saturday I saw part of Trail of the Dead, Beck, a little of Death Cab for Cutie, Sparta, the Pixies and Radiohead. The Pixies truly took peoples breath away. I stood there in a tight squeeze amongst thousands of fans and watched Frank Blank pour his heart into every song. The sun was setting in the background casting this orange glow over everything. I just remember looking at him then looking at the sunset and wondering, "Does it get any better than this?"
If that wasn't enough, Radiohead came on soon after. This was my first Radiohead experience and I did not know what to expect. Mostly because Brendan had said how much they sucked both times he saw them live. Well I was hoping and praying Thom would sing a lot of OK Computer as well as Street Spirit. As far as Street Spirit everyone told me not to get my hopes up. Well the third song in was Lucky and soon after he played Exit music, so I knew it was going to be an Ok Computer kind of night. And, as my luck would have it they closed out the main set with Street Spirit. I was blown away by the whole damn thing. The only problem was I was about 100 feet away from the stage during the Pixies and Radiohead so I could really only see Frank and Thom either on the screen or when Thomas lifted me up. I corrected that on Sunday
Sunday was an interesting but fun day. I wanted to be able to see the bands without climbing on top of Thomas (ehh that came out wrong) so I split up from the boys and headed over to the front during the horrific band of Thursday. I met some fellow fans who were really nice and we made plans on how to sneak to the front. I am good at that, being small and all. So after the Thursday fans cleared out we made it about five rows back from the front for Belle and Sebastian. After that was Air which I got even closer for and by the time The Flaming Lips came on I was in the front. Ok front row at Coachella is so not like the front row at REM concerts. It was 110 degree's and there is no room to even breathe. Everyone is pushing and shoving and you can't even move your arms it is so squished. Then Wayne decided to surf the crowd in a big bubble and everyone pushed even more to the front. Cut to...Rachel loosing oxygen. Rachel having an orgasm over Wayne. Rachel not being able to move. Rachel having a grand ole' time. Security guards were passing out water and pouring it on us and I was determined to stick it through. Damn I wish I could hang more. After the Cure sang Facination Street I passed out somehow. There was a domino effect of falling onto Rachel and Rachel got smothered.
So I woke up being carried away by a security guard and all I could think is YEAH! I am a rock n roll GODDESS!!! Ok maybe not, I was in massive amounts of pain. But damn was it all worth it.
Overall I had the best time over the weekend and I even have the bruises to prove it!

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