Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I went to dinner with my boys tonight....Well two of them. Me, Ozzie, and Nir went to Friday's and it was great because I had not seen Ozzie in a few months. He has become a hermit since he started law school but he looks better than ever. I would even have to say he looks hot which I must have told him five times. Man he is going to make some woman very happy.

Me and Nir we assumed our usual make fun of each other roles. I wish I could see him more so we could make fun of each other even more.

Angel is over :( at least for now...

But Jasmine finally got voted off, it is about bloody time!

I also found out who the ghost was who moved my car in the middle of the night....yup it was NIR!!! I should have known. He said he knew I always leave my keys in my car and was trying to teach me a lesson. I told him I thought it was a ghost. He laughs.

I got accepted into my third choice study abroad program...The safety one. I am still waiting on the other two.

I am excited to go to Primus, it will be cool to hear it live. Also excited to go to Prince and to Madonna with the mom, I think I am turning her into a concert junky..Well when she goes to them with me anyway.

I really need to find a new job, I am just disliking my job more and more everyday. I need to quit before I start to dislike dancing because of it. it is just hard to quit a job when your boss is like your second mother. I have known Dede since I was three and I could not do anything bad to her. But, out of all the teachers there is one I will not miss....Tiffany. The rudeness of her just irks me. Tracy says to talk back to her but I just find myself ignoring it and it provokes her to be more rude. I know why she is only rude to me, I am the only teacher close to her age, everyone else is older. I am an easy target but I am sick of target practice. She acts like the boss of me and I only have one boss...Dede. But, being the youngest teacher..Well Tiffany needs someone to try to boss around. It just sucks because I used to love my job. Maybe I am just burned out...Ready to move on. I know I am not going to be a dancer teacher my whole life, but I grew up there and I love that place. It is my oasis, how can I leave without really leaving?? I also need a job that gives me more hours so there is more money to pay for all my careless spending behavior. Man I know I am better with money than I was a year ago, but I have so much more to learn. Hey if my uncle could learn, I must be able to learn.

Mood today was happy, but what am I going to do with no new episodes of the Buffyverse!!!!

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