Monday, May 24, 2004

So this weekend I was at the Long Beach Pride Festival all weekend with Brandon and it was just a blast. First off we partied on Sat. night and then all day Sunday. Sunday was the parade and then we went to the festival and I swear I have never seen so many gorgeous men all in one area in my whole life. Everywhere I turned it was eye candy. I just could not have a taste of it. it is like someone waving chocolate in front of you and then snatching it away and saying you can't eat it. :)

We danced all day Sunday as well as went to all the booths and met some really cool guys and gals. All n all it was a great weekend.

Brandon met this really hot guy who was actually a guest star on Buffy in season three (episode of Bad Girls) I knew it was him right away! He was a cutie.

Rachelle comes home tomorrow and I am glad to see her. I miss her so much and it will be good to hog her all summer.

This next weekend is going to be another fun weekend. Friday is prince and Sat. is Primus. Plus it will be right at the ending of finals so I will be sooooooo relaxed.

This last weekend I met the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen before ever (I mean besides TV and stuff)
He had spiky hair that was longer in the middle so it made a very mini mohawk. Very mini. Black hair. Green eyes. Olive skin. Torn jeans. Black wrist cuffs. Hot hot hot. But he was bi. He got my number though but I can't go out with him :(

I went to therapy today which was good because I have not gone in a month. I filled him in on everything that has been going on and I think I burned his ears off. Anyway he gave me, now his opinions because "therapists don't do that" but he had me to draw my own conclusions. Or rather my own answers to questions I have been having. He is a smart man when it comes to the essence of human nature. Well he is also a smart men when it comes to putting people with bipolar disease in remission, like I am.

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