Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This semester is in it;s home stretch and I think I am going to pull out mostly A's. I am two for two as far as good semesters go since I have been back at school. I can't believe how different it is this time around. I don't think I need the disability office anymore.

Maytal has gone to Israel now, gone for two days and I miss her already. My mom won't let me visit her and I really understand why. She would be so freaked out if I went.

I got invited to Primus by Shaun, so I am going with him, my brother and anyone else I want to invite and whoever else he invites. What a fun day that is going to be.

Angel finale is tomorrow. It is the end of Buffyverse and I am feeling the grief already. :(

The fellowship people at Santa Barbara are all pissed off at Ethan but he has been TA'ing for free. They think it takes away from his research time and yet they said nothing about asking him to stop the last few semesters. Now he is in trouble with them and I think it is just a load of crap. If they hated him TA'ing why did they not say anything before. He had a meeting with them today, I hope he told them to get over themselves. OK no that would not have worked. But, I do hope he told them to shove it up their arses. Ok no that would not work either. But..I do hope the meeting worked itself out.

This weekend I am going with Brandon to Long Beach Pride. It is an entire weekend of pride parades and parties with about 60,000 people. I think it might be more fun than anything, we are even staying in a dodgy hotel so we can party all night long. Brandon has been dieting because there are going to be so many hot guys there.

Amy told me today that in August her and Nir are going to visit Edan in New York. I felt something like a sadness that I could not describe. But I figured out what it was. See I miss Edan so much that it hurts. Life in California is not the same without him. So I really just have to see him, I have to visit him. So that made me sad. But, then what made me sad was that Amy is going with Nir to see him and not me. Or rather I was not asked to go along. Now I would never expect to be asked because it is a girlfriend/boyfriend vacation, but Edan is my friend and I just miss him so much. In other circumstances I would be the one to go with Nir because me and him were closest to Edan. But, then again Ozzie is not going either. So maybe just what saddens me is the fact that I don't get to talk to Edan all the time now. I don't get to see Edan all the time. I hope he comes back to California when he is does with school. Edan once told me that he would always take care of me no matter what. I know I will always take care of him. It is just hard when friends are so far away.

I finally finished my history paper and turned it in. I am not expecting anything more than a B on that paper, it was really crappy compared to how I normally write. Oh well , at least it is over. Two finals left and I am so done!!!

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