Monday, April 12, 2004

So yesterday it was Haber/Kaplan family day for Ethan and Amy's birthday. It is a wonder I survived. I am now convinced I am going to marry an orphan. If I can't marry one of those I am going to marry someone who is not Jewish. Put that many Jewish women in one room and chaos is the result. Well my mom is psychotic to begin with. My Grandma is cool, she is mostly just a stoner. Amy's mom is also cool, just a little stressed out over the wedding. The great grandmas...well we won't even go there. So I think my mom appeases us and tries too hard because she feels like she no longer understands me and Ethan and as a result is no longer our "mother." In her eyes this means she is no longer loved. We then have to deal with her putting her foot in her mouth all the time. Well no she does not understand us, but that does not mean we think she is dumb, just different.

Then there was the drama with my uncle. He got mad because we did not tell him we already got our tickets and hotel room for Coachella. He said he had told us he was planning to go a while ago so now he feels like we left him out on purpose. greattttt. After the day he had told me about him going to Coachelle with Stu I never talked to him about it afterward so I just assumed he was either a) going with Stu and had already gotten his room or b) decided not to go. So he feels we went behind his back and did not invite him to go with us. So then I told him to get a damn ticket and to bunk with us and he gets all huffy and puffy saying it is too late and he is too old and he does not want to go anymore anyway. Yeah right he loves radiohead, he loves The Cure, He loves the Pixies....So here is the real issue
Ian was raised more like me and Ethan's brother since h's is so young. Now that me and Ethan have Amy and Shaun, and I look at Amy and Shaun as brother and sister, he thinks he is being left out. He has never felt like he belonged to my mom or her generation. But then again since he is still technically our uncle he never fully belonged to us. But I always looked at him as my second brother and I wish he would know that. Also I think he does not mind hanging out with Ethan and Amy since they are 25 and 26..but me and Shaun are 22 and 23 and for a 30 year old he thinks we are still the youngens. I also think maybe Ian is going through Saturn Return right now and just going psychotic like everyone else.

So Ethan and Amy gave me a ride back up to the OC and then we all went out to dinner with my parents. I think when me and Amy get together our energy feeds off each other and makes us even more bitchy. This might scare Ethan. This might also scare my parents. This does not scare me. Get me out of here. No really , just get me out of here.

Lyndsey was in Atlanta, she called me from there. She sounded happy. This does not make me like the situation. But, it does make me feel better knowing she is having a good time over there.

I straight defended my brother to my parents last night. It was not too subtle. In fact, it was blunt and obvious. I compared him to another 25 year old I know. I just sort of said it. It went something like this. "If you guys ever question Ethan's path in life, just think of blank who is 25 and blank blank blank blank." Shock and awe followed. Two points for the team!!!
They just want him to drop this and go back to corporate crap which will, yes, make him a shit load of money but will make him a shit load of unhappiness. I think my mom is just jealous that my brother is following his dream and she didn't. She followed money. Which, gather me and my brother grew up getting everything we wanted. She did it for us, but guess what mom, it is not too late!! Quit your damn job and stop taking your dream issues out on my brother. I know she just wants to work with my grandma anyway. I know she wants to go back to school. So no wonder she is all huffy and puffy with Ethan, he is in school.

I was supposed to go out drinking and partying Sat. night, I opted for dinner and hanging out at Barnes and noble....Does this mean there is something wrong with me? I need to act 22. Oh screw it, I would rather be home...I have gotten rid of most of my friends in the past six months anyhow and the friends I have are all from different groups which usually means different plans on the weekends. So I am stuck either a) staying home and reading my books b)going to dinner with a guy I don't like
c) going to the clubs with the party friends who I am trying to not be friends with anymore or d) hanging out with one of my real friends if they don't already have plans......It is usually A. Although this weekend, well we won't even go there.

mood - happy....Finding the humor in my psychotic family.
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