Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Conversations between me and the boyfriend...Part One

Yet another post in a 24 hour period. Being sick has be on a roll...

I love the boyfriend. He is cute and sexy. He is very sweet and trustworthy and smart. But I swear I have never met a bigger geek! Except maybe my brother.

During American Idol:

(during Bo's song)

Me - This song is making me cry
BF - Its pretty hot
Me - I'm crying
BF - You are on your period
Me - So what!!! That has nothing to do with it!!!!

During a time on AIM when (thank God) I was not at his house

BF - damn, i just laid a fart i wish i recorded
Me - oh dear God
Me - no more!!
BF - i've been farting all night
Me - why ?
Bf - no idea
(it is because he ate those low carb bars that cause farts)

ME - oh honey
BF - if i was naked in the water i can propel mself all the way to Catalina
BF - there's a visual
Me - visual?
BF - seeing my ass fart itself to Catalina
ME - please no more

BF - i think that one woke up CHina
Me - oh honey please yours are like way too much and it almost kicks me out of bed
BF - well, consider us even then
ME - i dont kick you out of bed you just no like cuddle
BF - hell yeah you do!! whered does all this gas come from>????
i swear, i could fill a blimp with all this hot air
i mean, it's gotten to the point where i can control the tone and staccatto of
the farts

ME - honey you keep up like this and you will be sleeping on the sofa and i will get
your bed

to be continued...


frannie said...

my boyfriend just emailed me to tell me he just stunk up his cubicle... boys will ALWAYS be boys.

Ciber~ said...

It's hard to imagine

*shakes head*