Friday, May 20, 2005

So my father is out of town on business and my mother is home alone for the next couple of days. She called me this morning while I was on my way to work and told me something that almost made me crash I was laughing so hard.

My mother, late last night, decides she smells burning rubber and calls the fire department to ask if they knew of something burning in the neighborhood. They said they didn't but replied that they would send a few men to check it out. My mother feels assured and goes back to bed. Now let me say that my mother is alone and is paranoid. An hour or so later she hears a knock at the door and goes to answer it in her nightgown not knowing who it was.

She opens the door to see four large firemen standing there (she felt the need to tell me that one of them was very cute).
"Oh...Hi. Are you here because you found something? Is something burning?"

" Ma' you know what a skunk smells like?"

Yes people. My mother thought the smell of a skunk was a fire with burning rubber somewhere in the neighborhood.

In other news...

Today I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months. I call it 7 months of joy, laughs, growth, and love...

He calls it..."7 months of putting up with you," "7 months and I am still alive," and, "7 months ago I had no gray hairs."

The season finale of The O.C made me cry many many times. I have to say that after a less than stellar season they pulled out all of the stops for the finale. Hopefully next season will be a good one.

I saw two puppies at the pet store this weekend. I am soooo tempted you have no idea. I like the Jack Russell and the King Charles Cavalier (sp?). I want a puppy!!!

I talked for over 5,000 minutes on my cell phone last month. I think I might have some issues. :0 Though I can't be the only one that talks that much.

Work is going well. There is some catty drama here in the office. I am not surprised bring that most of us are female. That and there are so many big egos here it is nutty. I am getting really involved in breast cancer awareness though so that is a good thing. It is just shocking to me how many women there are that have it.

I am going to start training for a marathon. I want to be ready by next years rock n roll marathon.

I looked at my bank account and felt like a real live grown up. It was just the thing I needed to help feed my ego. :)

more later

Thank God it's Friday!!!


Di said...

The OC was absolutely awesome! It's just so odd that the parts of the season were so slow and then in the finale, they just BAM BAM BAM! Literally, where Marissa is concerned. Do you think Trey's dead? Will Marissa make bail by the fall? Man, when he picked up the phone... not to call for help but to SMASH HIS BROTHER'S FACE IN, dang... I'm not gonna lie, I covered my face, I was so scared! And then, yeah, I cried like, three times. Bastards. I had no idea I was so passionate about the OC. Hm. Anyway... congrats on your awesome boyfriend! He better start appreciatin! =) And your Mom is way awesome! Any story that ends in hot firefighters is A-OK with me. FRIDAY! WOOT!

ethank said...

Well, my mom, quite the desperate housewife, except not.

robert sobieraj said...

... :)

deanne said...

Argh! Don't tell me what happens in the season finale! I'm fighting not to read Di's comment! It hasn't shown over here in the UK yet!

Jack Russels are sweet but very temperemental! The KCC spaniels are better, but a bit neurotic! Personally, I want a dachsund!

Stewed Hamm said...

5000 minutes? Do you realize that you were on the phone for almost 1/8 of the entire month? (yeah, I'm a geek... I immediately grabbed a calculator just to figure that out)

Could it be that you're the reason I can't get through to talk to Miss Cleo anymore?