Thursday, May 12, 2005

It is the fear not the fire.....

I am still at my parents house, taking care of the dogs. Last night I could not sleep because I kept hearing noises coming from our attic (I kid you not). However, in the light of day I think it was probably a raccoon or something of that sort.

So there I am, sitting up in bed with two dogs who take up an entire 2/3s of said bed when I get to thinking....

Earlier that night I was watching the slightly disappointing Revelations on NBC when the son of someone had to jump through the fire in front of two weird people who are there merely for decoration. One of the decorative guys said to the boy who had to go through the fire (with me here?)..."It is the fear, not the fire that burns to the bone.." Cliche, yes. Scripted, yes. This show keeps pissing me off.

Fast forward a few hours and I am sitting up in bed, hugging my dog for dear life and I found myself repeating (out loud mind you!) "It is the fear, not the fire that burns to the bone."

Here is the part where you readers will no longer hold me in any respectful position in your mind from now on. It worked! I repeat a mantra from a television show and no longer was I scared..No sir!

Does this make me a cliche too?

Besides that I am making it a point to never sleep alone at my parents house again. There are too many dark rooms. There are weird noises. So many doors someone can just crawl through...:/

So being as that they are still on a vacation I should be on and I am stuck for the next 6 days, I am in a pickle. My dogs suck at being guard dogs that's for damn sure. Boris only barks when he hears a police siren 40 miles away. Sugar just runs and hides from strangers. Nala, well Nala is just a bitch.

Tonight the TV is staying on when I go to bed as is every light in every room except for mine. No way am I taking chances. I could also be insane and slightly paranoid...The jury is still out.


HarleyWriter said...

Oh hey, I forgot to tell you; the jury came back. Yeah, they say you're insane. You know, FYI... :)

Ciber~ said...

Hopefully this post will find you calm.

Only the shadow knows ;)