Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yeah two posts in a 12 hour period.

I know this post will have nothing to do with the last one

I seriously never want to spend the night at my parents house again! They are coming home today. This house is a zoo. I just want some peace and quiet. My mother got home and was so pissed off that I somehow broke the spa and pool with my bare hands (because I am capable of that) , no one was here when I was sick (because that is my fault), there was tons of mail and the newspapers never got stopped. (again I am at fault). However, she praised my ability to take care of the house and said I kept it relatively clean. Yeah me!

I watched Return of the Jedi last night for the first time. All I have to say is, who what a twister! That and the Ewoks are super cute.

I am going to a midnight screening on Episode III this wednesday so I have until then to watch the first five. Needless to say it has been hectic. That and I feel the geekdom of these movies is rubbing off on me. I also must admit I am pretty hooked.

The boyfriend is pretty MIA due to deadlines at work. It seems he has 24 hours to do 48 hours worth of work. He gets very focused. He calls it tunnel-vision. I call it, "look at me butt-head, you are not listening"! ;)

The parents are coming home from their Hawaiian vacation today. I imagine with t-shirts that say "hang loose" on them and white shell necklaces. They could not bring me home a deed to a condo in Maui?? I don't ask for much!!!

My job is pretty hard not to get emotionally attached to. There are just way too many cancer patients out there. Working at a hospital is like looking at things the world tries to ignore every single day.

I am sick so I could be going crazy but can someone explain the Emperor to me? So Darth is the father, Leah is the sister. That is one fucked up family.

Speaking of which, anyone notice how much Buffy is like Star Wars?

Someone tell me why guys laugh so damn hard when they fart loud. In fact, even when they fart soft. There I am lying my head on the boyfriends lap feeling all cuddly and close when he starts laughing. I wonder what he is laughing at until the smell drifts into my nose and kills 2 million brain cells.

One of my friends, lets call her Elle, talked to me last night for the first time in months. We sounded like two strangers exchanging small talk. What makes friendships grow apart? Do we just change from high school that much? The friends I have now that I still talk to all the time are ones I either knew since I was an embryo or met after high school. Maybe there is something to that. I am also making a lot of new friends with the people at work. I like people that work at hospitals they are a lot more intelligent than my last job thats for sure. (we all remember the "baby mama drama")

Someone told me last night that my writing is as good as what they read in any respectable column. This makes me want to be done with school even more. That or I am so tempted to finish school on line and plunge head first into the journalism world. I am sick of school, I want to be in the working world already. A year and a half left. I am counting down.

I really want to go to Hawaii.

I want things that sparkle. That and one of those build-a-bear things.

What is the deal with this new extended daylight savings? What is that supposed to accomplish?

Is it easier to be real and piss people off, or fake and make others happy?


Anonymous said...

"Someone told me last night that my writing is as good as what they read in any respectable column."


Joshua said...

Anonymous comments are for chickenshits.

Rachel Heather said...

dear anon:

make a note to yourself. tense does not apply to ramble posts. just ask the editor