Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some things to think about...

To the anonymous women who wrote me a heartfelt comment on my last post. I wanted to be a writer to be able to connect to people. I wanted to show stranger that life can be interesting even if you are not on the fame and fortune track.

Sometimes I think back to times when people told me I could not write because I had bad spelling. I used to think I could not write because I was not a regular Adams, Delillo or Eggers.

Then I get a comment from a stranger that reminds me why I write in the first place. See most of the time it is not about grammar or spelling. It is never about training or school. It has and always will be about connecting with people. It is about being able to tell the story in your head through paper (or a computer screen).

To the anonymous commenter. Thank you. You remind me why I want to be a writer to begin with.

More updates later.


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HarleyWriter said...

If I let grammar and spelling stop me; I wouldn't be writing at all. I haven't had an English class since high school.
Just make an effort to get it right. I learn where I can.