Monday, May 09, 2005

I need some help :)

So when I find blogs I enjoy I like to link them. (hint hint to those of you who like mine;) )

However, I have been doing it the hard way (going into the template, writing the weird code thing...can you tell I am not a computer genius?

I recently got this blogroll thing, and now I just have no idea how to use it or what it is really for. So this is basically me asking all of you who use blogroller to email me (link on the side) and give me some pointers on what I do with blogroll and what it is for.

more soon.....

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Bathroom Reading said...

OK, so it's REALLY easy. Just go to Sign up is a breeze because they automatically link to blogger. Then just put blogs into your blogroll, and you're done.

You can even add a button on your bookmarks bar to add sites you like to your blogroll without leaving the site.

If you have any trouble, just e-mail me at

(remove NOSPAM from the address).