Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I love the Border's bookstore by my house. It is always so lively and full of rich, stuck up, snobby Orange County folks. I still love it

However, I do not love mean, crabby ole ladies who cuss at you in the parking lot.

I was pulling my car out of the my space and this old hag comes zooming past my car at a pretty high speed for a narrow parking lot. I slam on my breaks and miss hitting her by about two inches. So, one would think it is her fault right? I was pulling out slowly, she had to see me, any decent person would have stopped. Well she DID stop. But this was after I almost hit her and it was only to block me from pulling out any further and leaving the lot.

When did old people get so mean?!?!

So there she is, parked in front of my car and not moving. I really need to get home because quite frankly I need to pee. She rolls down her window. I wonder if this is a queue. Does she need to tell me something? Did I really hit her? So I toll down my window...

" Look out your fucking window lady and learn how to drive! We are not in Fucking CHINA!"

She was like 70 years old. Does she kiss her mother with that mouth? What is this world coming to when old ladies are now hostile. Aren't they supposed to be cute and cuddly like my great grandma? And what was the deal about China?

So much confusion. My world is all askew. Old ladies are now mean to me.


HarleyWriter said...

A quote from Scrubs:

People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

Di said...

I started noticing crabby old ladies around Christmas-time. Always racing me to the nearest parking spot, always driving their shopping carts directly down the middle of a narrow aisle... GRR! And then, as I replaced a box of ornaments with one broken ornament, the Christmas spirit hit me. I thought, I'm going to leave that for some crabby old lady to grab so she can march right up to the manager and DEMAND a discount! And she'll get that discount. And it will make her FREAKING DAY! And then she will go home and her family will be thankful that she's slightly less crabby. See? Public service brought to you by lil ol' me and lil ol' you. Just be happy that you are not crabby and that you can park in the back without feeling somehow cheated and that you're actually capable of having a good day. I hope that made sense.

OMG I just noticed I'm in your links section! SQUEE!!! =)

Ciber~ said...

I think it comes from dealing with years of crap...and now they want to give some back.

Dew said...

I say this as an old lady living in Orange County myself, honey: you shoulda put the car in park and peed on her hood. Seriously. Climbed up on the Lincoln, dropped sweats and leopard panties, and piddled on the windshield right where it woulda run into her open window.
That's my vote, anyway. Peace.