Sunday, May 08, 2005

My dogs are joke

Last night my pug took a crap in the living room. I am not sure if this was before or after he took a whiz on the leather sofa. This could also have been before Sugar, the pit bull, climbed up onto the kitchen counter and attempted to get at the boyfriends empty lasagna bowl leftover from dinner. This of course, caused the entire bowl to fall off the counter and completely shatter all over the entire floor. This interrupted our sleep and the boyfriend had to sweep up an entire floor in the middle of the his underwear.

So i am sitting at the parents house, while they are off galavanting in Hawaii and I am stuck baby-sitting these dogs. Yes, I use the word baby-sitting because that is the amount of work they require. So I screamed at Sugar, while Nala (yes there is a third dog) started barking at no one in particular and Boris proceeded to run around in circles probably because we interrupted his session of joyous masturbation. Did I mention the pug masturbates? Apparently you don't need retractable thumbs to do so.

Now I need a vacation....

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