Sunday, May 22, 2005

So I hear women are evil.

I was talking to the grandfather today...

he interrupts with a "hang on hon"

I hear ruffles and arguing in the background.

"Hon I have to go and call you back. I have to change. Your grandmother does not like what I am wearing to dinner.....THINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED IN 50 FUCKING YEARS"

The boyfriend, as we are leaving Star Wars today (for the second time this week) makes a comment, "everything bad that happens, happens because of some girl. Anakin would not have become Darth if it were not for Padame. Helen of Troy. Adam and Eve. It is all because of the women. "

Are we that evil? Do we screw with men's minds so much that wars or villains come out of it?

Come on people we can't be that bad. Yes we can be moody and pissy. We can cause men to become evil villains who want to take over the world. But at least it comes in a cute package. :)


Di said...

We may be moody and pissy, but so are men. The difference being, we're moody and pissy on a schedule.

ethank said...

Amy is only really moody in the morning, when she takes a long time to wake up. This morning the cycle started 1.5 hours before she finally stumbled into the office,.

Amy said...

I am only moody in the morning because Ethan tries to wake me up when I'm still dead asleep, which is a crime. And we are not evil. We are who we are, it's not our fault the male species has to react so violently. Blaming someone else on your actions is so passive-aggressive! Own it, people, come on. :)

shoes said...

good blog rachel....and might i say your picture is hot.

Anonymous said...

I once felt as if I was intruding when I first discovered these blogs. I have lived my entire life in New England, Connecticut to be exact, and I guess I have always wondered how it would be to live in southern California. I've read quite a few blogs but for whatever reason I have enjoyed reading your journey into self discovery, so much so that it inspired me to write. You have opened up a new world to me.

One never knows what life has in store for us. In an instant, tomorrow could change everything you thought was sane into chaos or vice versa. I am still learning and discovering and making an effort to meet new people everyday. There is so much that I want to accomplish. Some things I know I will never be able to do. So many opportunities that I have missed because of ignorance, pride, stubbornness and just being plain naive. Life is so quite fascinating and never to be taken for granted. I feel no regrets.

You are a good person. I sense this. Despite the fact that we are from different generations, it's funny how similar we women are, deep inside. When I was your age things were so different yet still the same. You may not think so but you have given me a gift. A gift not measured by cost or size but by a value far beyond any of those material things. When I was your age the boys were going overseas. My boy went and never came back. He was just a boy asked to be a man overnight. I was not ready for that. It broke my heart. I wanted to kiss him longer one last time, I needed to know how it would have been to make love to him. I hid in my shell for years not wanting to love anyone but still wanting to love someone. On the outside almost everything seemed normal but deep wasn't.

Life goes on and over the years things did change for the better and was not as bleak as I imaged it would be. There came a time when I finally did feel content. I had a loving husband for many years but we were never able to have children of our own. I imagined having a daughter. At a time when I thought I was left alone, your journey, your gift, has helped me revive my memories. It's been nothing but rejuvenating.
Today is my 88th birthday.
Thank you for my gift.